Many Kills! Handle it!

Undying Resolution has had a very productive week taking down Heroic Mistress Sassz’ine on Sunday and both Heroic Sisters of the Moon and Heroic The Desolate Host on Thursday after only a handful of pulls! Great work everyone!

Normal ToS Cleared + Goroth/Harjatan Heroic

Forgot to take a picture of Goroth, probably because it didn’t feel very heroic. Grats team!

Two in one week! 3/10M!

Undying Resolution has had an exceedingly productive week taking down both Chronomatic Anomoly and Trilliax in Mythic Nighthold! Great job everyone!

Heroic Gul’dan and Mythic Skorpyron go down!

Undying Resolution has had a very successful week taking down both Heroic Gul’dan and Mythic Skorpyron!

9/10H! Grand Magistrix falls!

Undying Resolution took down Grand Magistrix Elisande in The Nighthold last night bringing us to 9/10H!

High Botanist goes down, 8/10H!

Undying Resolution has successfully pruned High Botanist Tel’arn from the gardens of The Nighthold making us 8/10H! Recruitment is still open and we are looking for a few solid ranged DPS!

7/10H, Tichondrius goes down!

Undying Resolution has taken down Tichondrius in The Nighthold last night making us 7/10H!

6/10H! Krosus falls!

Undying Resolution has taken down Krosus in The Nighthold making us 6/10H!

Star Augur Etraeus goes down! 5/10H!

Undying Resolution has taken down Star Augur Etraeus in The Nighthold on heroic making us 5/10H! Great job everyone!

Spellblade Aluriel has fallen! 4/10H

Undying Resolution has successfully taken down Spellblade Aluriel in The Nighthold making us 4/10H! We are still recruiting and have an opening for one tank, one melee DPS and a few ranged DPS. For complete recruitment information check out our recruitment info in our sidebar!

Currently recruiting for Heroic & Mythic raids. Especially looking for ranged DPS. We also have one healing spot open.
Balance, resto
shadow, disc
elemental, resto
Demon Hunter

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