UR Week in Review: October 12-18th

Patch is out and so are the bugs!  We were able to experience some of these in our 25 ICC runs this past Wednesday and Thursday nights but we still had a great time and some laughs.  Unfortunately for some, they were suffering disconnections then found themselves in different lockouts so waiting was a prevailing  part of this week’s raid however on a positive note,  we found we have some very good imitators of Monty Python in our guild.

Another bug that we experienced was intermittently resurrecting live at the angel.  There were a few of us didn’t realize we were alive and then plummeted to our recurring death.  Ah but “it’s just a flesh wound” and so with that in mind, it was on to storming through ICC.  While the bugs are a temporary annoyance, being around friends makes it more bearable and these bugs do create many stories for us to smile at later down the road and besides, it gives WoW the chance to let us know over and over again how much they appreciate our patience.

Congratulations going out to Nja for winning the twilight drake this week on 25 OS three drakes up and to Meholick for winning the black drake on 10 OS this week.  We will be looking forward to the next wins.

This week coming up we have much to work on.  In addition to our 10 and 25 scheduled raids we have the Halloween world events that just started.  Ironically this too has a bug when one, usually the tank, goes to click on the pumpkin which causes them to disconnect  leaving the group without a tank.  So this year instead of the headless horseman being a threat to our demise,  it’s the bug in the pumpkin.  Happy raiding!

Written by Jessielee

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