UR Week in Review: Nov 16th – 22nd

Our raiding week went very smooth as we were able to rapidly progress through the Lich King’s minions to stand at his doorstep in our 25 man raid. But, with holiday festivities taking some of our members out of town, the Lich King’s regular appointment with the grave will have to wait another few days.

The 10 man raid did very well too and we’re happy to announce that Mimiron and General Vezax are now history and we are 2 steps closer to acquiring the reins of the rusted proto-drake. We are looking forward to the last two bosses, hopefully as soon as this Friday.

This week’s Obsidian Sanctum drake winners were Noraxx (twilight drake) and Mindalen (black drake). Congratulations to you both!

Our guild continues to grow. This week we were glad to welcome Mckinley to our team here at Undying Resolution. We are delighted you are with us and are looking forward to getting to know you better.

“PAIN, AGONY….” is how the launch began after loading the new patch this morning. Optimistically, this is referring to the dragon in the advertisement and not the future bugs awaiting us. Only time will tell. Every day is now an unofficial “Be kind to mages” day as the portals are now a thing of the past. Be advised that although there are no pat downs or X-ray machines, lines may still be long as demand for passage is certainly going to be high.

To those of you enjoying turkey this Thursday, relax and chew slowly as our weekly 25 man raids have been postponed. From your friends and family at Undying Resolution, have a happy and safe holiday.

Written by Jessielee

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