UR Week in Review: Nov 2nd – Nov 8th

This past week our 25 man raiding started out with the Lich King. Although we didn’t down him on 25’s yet, we did make some good progress. The strategy does work and so does the team work here so the Lich King’s days are numbered. We did, however, fill in some of our raiding time with other activities and raids. After a few attempts on the Lich King on Wednesday, we headed over to OS for 3D up and Chayrath was our twilight drake winner of the week. Congratulations to Chayrath and also to Meatbawl for winning the black drake. The weekly was also on the agenda and being as we were at Naxxramus we were able to acquire another Eye of Eternity key for someone and the winner of that is Tonion. Grats!

Undying Resolution is a semi hardcore raiding guild who takes raiding seriously but we also enjoy each other’s company and love to have fun. It has been mentioned in the past from a few guildies that they are missing one or more of the Horde leaders for the mount so before raid on Monday night, we headed off to take care of that. Unfortunate for the horde leaders but a pleasant surprise for us when we received the black war mount in our mailboxes. This isn’t a regular thing we do here at UR but it was a heck of a lot of fun.

We had a couple additions to our guild too. Welcome to Cappadonna and a welcome back home to Thiala who has joined us again on the Elune server. We’re glad to have you both and are looking forward to raiding with you.

Yesterday, Blizzard added a couple more pre- cataclysm quests so make sure you do those for the gold or experience and of course for fun. Happy raiding!

Written by Jessielee

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