UR Week in Review: Oct 26th – Nov1st

We had a lot of events going on this week and there are even more following us into the next week. First, we would like to extend another welcome to our two newest members Soulive and Norrax. We are glad to have you on board with us!

This week in raiding we did very well; one shotting sindragosa in ICC 25. This week coming up we are going to focus on downing Lich King. With the new lockout system in place, we are looking at restructuring our system into raiding with our 25 mans three times a week instead of two. This will also give us more time to focus on heroic modes.

Congrats to our drake winners this week, Meatbawl (twilight drake) and Berendark (black drake). We still have a few weeks before Cataclysm so make sure you sign up for raids to get your chance at one of these drakes (as well as getting the chance to kick the LK’s butt).

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, a costume contest seemed appropriate, thus our first annual costume contest was born. We had a lot of crits and giggles during raid that night and were quite amazed at some of the creativeness of our guild members. Our winners were Maerdred, sexiest. Ponerya, scariest. Tamalyn, cutest. Charredtree, most original and our Best overall winner went to our iron chef, Charredtree. Grats to the winners and good work on the costumes, especially with the short notice. Pictures can be seen on the forum or on Lissanna’s website.

This coming week promises to be fun as we have the introduction to Catclysm quests available now and then there is the Feats of Strength achievement to be acquired. Right now it takes a couple of hours hunting down the rifts but according to Blizzard, they should be hunting us down soon so beware! Have a good week!

Written by Jessielee

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