Hall of Fame – End of Dragonsoul

To the recipients of  our Dagon Soul (T13) Guild Awards, Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you for the contribution you have made in making our guild successful. The current guild awards were given to people based on their performance & helpfulness during the Dragon Soul raiding content, based on peer nominations for the first three awards, and officer nominations for the fourth.

Congratulations to all our Guild Award winners!
For Most Improved Raider: Juvenate
This tier, in addition to being a wonderful healer, Juvenate has stepped into a healing lead role, and for quite a few heroic encounters was able to organize all the healers and their cool downs to enable us to complete some close calls on progression encounters.

Best Overall Raid Performance (MVP): Zweibel
Between leading the raids, which can involve a lot of things in the middle of encounters, as well as taking on other special duties, this guy can do it all while still being one of the best performers.

Most Helpful Member: There was a Tie:
Venat has always helped out raids when needed, whether we needed someone to call out sappers on Warmaster, or needed an extra healer to get thru an encounter for the evening. When not raiding, he can be found in being friendly in guild chat, always welcoming new guildies with his awesome macro, creating a great atmosphere in UR.

Whether it’s getting guildies who don’t normally PvP to PvP, old content runs, helping Mindy manage the guild bank, or giving people tips on playing their toons, Ari’s there for people. She’s friendly all the time, to boot.

UR Council’s General Excellence Award – Amowrath
This person has a heart of gold, no doubt about it. He is always there to help out, be it helping with instances, PVPing, transmog runs. If you need help with anything, he is your go to guy. If an officer needs something done be it help with recruiting or a little paperwork, just ask & boom it’s done.

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Currently recruiting for Heroic & Mythic raids. Especially looking for ranged DPS. We also have one healing spot open.
Balance, resto
shadow, disc
elemental, resto
Demon Hunter

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