Who we are:

Undying Resolution is a 25-man raiding guild on the alliance US Elune server.  We emphasize having fun while still progressing in our raids. We are looking for more mature & relaxed players, since we raid on a schedule with reduced time commitments, and we understand that people have lives outside the game.

Current Raid times:

  • Wednesday 8-11:00 EST – 25 man
  • Thursday 8-11:00 EST – 25 man
  • Sunday 8-11:00 EST – 25 man

Recruitment Needs:

To Apply go to our forums here and follow the instructions listed there.

Ranged DPS:
All ranged DPS welcome to apply, including: Shadow Priest, Mage, Warlock, Balance Druid, Hunter, Elemental Shaman

Melee DPS:
No specific openings, but exceptional melee DPS may be considered.

Not recruiting tanks at this time.

Not recruiting healers at this time.

Raid Video Streaming