New Highmaul Raid Progression

Undying Resolution has started our Warlords of Draenor raiding. We have been farming up gear in the normal mode dungeon. In addition, we killed the first heroic boss in Highmaul. We are excited to be back conquering new content! We had a great start to our heroic progression and look forward to conquering many new bosses together.


Happy 4 year anniversary!


Undying Resolution took some time from our raid schedule yesterday to celebrate our 4 year anniversary as a guild. Congrats to all for four years of great times raiding with friends. Lets hope we have many more in our future! We are definitely looking to starting Mythic raids in WOD soon!

what's a guild party without druids on fire?

what’s a guild party without druids on fire?

Stack all the stags!

Stack all the stags!



So many fireworks!

Byebye heroic siegecrafter

Congrats everyone! Undying Resolution made quick work of Heroic Siegecrafter. We are now 12/14 Heroic in SOO.

We’re looking forward to tackling the new raid dungeon in the upcoming months. Warlords of Draenor, we are coming for you!


Warlords Alpha has started!

The long awaited start of new content testing for the Warlords of Draenor expansion has started! Soon, we will take on the wild lands of Draenor! This new content includes Garrisons, our home away from home! The alliance content will be unlocked in the next update for us to start getting a sneak preview of the new alliance leveling content. Until then, we can spy on the horde garrison buildings. Also, Durotan isn’t a very nice guy, just for the record.


Until this new content comes our way, we are still raiding our weekly raids, and preparing for Mythic raids coming “soon”.

Award winners!

At our holiday party in December, we handed out awards to some of our members!

Performance Awards
Most Improved Raider Award – Asmodius
Best Overall Raid Performance (MVP) Award – Juvenate
Most Helpful Member Award – GV
General Excellence Award – Walter

Crusader rank Promotion – Gv

Congrats to all our award winners!

Happy Holidays from Undying Resolution

We hope that everyone has a happy Winter’s Veil! Our guild’s annual holiday party brought together our guild for a wonderful gathering of fun, friends, presents, awards, and a reminder of all we have accomplished as a team in 2013. We’ll see you all in 2014 for more fun raiding with friends! Lets hope that 2014 brings us fewer cloak procs to photo-bomb our attempts to take pictures. ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!