UR Guide to Using Warcraft Logs

With the current expansion coming to a close and World of Logs not appearing to be keeping up with game changes throughout this expansion, UR is switching to Warcraft Logs as a parsing and reporting service. Our Advisory Committee put together an introductory guide for anyone wishing to get use to the new logging site.

It has begun – Magmaw 25 Spiked

So at the start of our raid week this week, Jan 19th 2011, 25 Undying Resolution members went into Blackwing Descent and after a few attempts killed Magmaw 25. This marked our first 25 man raid evening with everyone ready for raiding and being level 85 since the launch of Cataclysm. We have and will continue to work on both 10 and 25 man content. Our normal planned schedule with be 2 nights of 25 man raiding at the start of the raid week, Wednesday and Thursdays 8:00-11:00PM Server. We will then have several continuation nights as 10 man content.

2 Down 10 to go! – UR Week in Review Jan 4th – Jan 10th

Undying Resolution has slain our first bosses of the Cataclysm expansion! Our first week of raiding brought us three new boss kills in 10-man raids, with our progression moving ahead at full speed!

Our first taste of purple was an item for our hunter that surprised us when it dropped from a “trash”  mob in the front hallway of Bastion of Twilight. Our luck continued when we found that our drake combination for Halfus was Scion, Time, and slate. We worked on mastering our tank swaps, moving out of fires, and our healing team worked to keep everyone alive. Due to our teamwork, we conquered Halfus Wyrmbreaker after only a few attempts!

When the Alliance gained control over Tol Barad, we were able to get a 10-man group together to venture in to conquer Pit Lord Argaloth.

Our third boss kill was Magmaw in Blackwing Descent on 10-man.  He put up a good fight, but even he did not last long against our combined might. We dodged fires, kited some adds, and pinned him down for a great kill.

We hope to conquer more content soon, with several 10-man raids scheduled for this upcoming week. Remember to sign up for raids on our calendar, and study up on boss fights!

Written by Lissanna

UR Week in Review Dec 14th – Jan 4th

Written by Jessielee

While enjoying the holidays, Undying Resolution has still been hard at work. Within the first couple weeks of Cataclysm we have managed to earn many achievements for the guild. A few of those achievements were bringing the guild to level 7, completing 500 archaeology research projects, and completing each dungeon on heroic.

While we have been having a lot of fun with the holidays and getting ourselves geared up for raids, we are approaching the time to begin raiding. Please check the raid calendar and sign up. Meanwhile, continue working on heroics and reputations to get better gear. Happy Raiding!

Written by Jessielee

UR Week in Review: Dec 7th – 13th

Cataclysm has finally arrived and Undying Resolution has been hard at work. We are just now completing our first week in the new expansion and are proud to announce that we have 22 raiders who have succeeded in reaching the new level cap of 85. Many of our intrepid raiders are only moments away from being prepared for the new Cataclysm raids.

The guild has shown great unity in pulling together to conquer many 5 man dungeons and even 2 of the new heroics have fallen beneath our swords and spells. Numerous members of the guild are showing great team spirit by dedicating their time to leveling their professions to perfection that the guild might fully benefit from their craft.

Undying Resolution has rapidly risen to level 3 in the new guild leveling system. Of course with the great potential that exists in the guild, we expect to see it ascend to the highest level possible. Congratulations to all for your successes this week! We have scheduled raids starting on Monday so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so. Happy raiding!

Written by Jessielee

UR Week in Review: Nov 23rd – Nov 29th

Another holiday has gone by and now it’s back to business. As stated in last week’s review, we did not have any scheduled 25 mans on Weds and Thurs. As we enjoy raiding together, 10 of us ventured back into Ulduar and cleared our way up to Yogg. This was necessary because the last patch reset all the instances. We also did our weekly drake run and Kaeley is our winner this week for the black drake. Congratulations Kaeley!

The latest patch brought us many new things to discover: A new cooking quest, a new fishing quest, many new flight points, many new quests, a new (albeit still burning) Stormwind, Donna’s revenge on William by snatching his gorilla and the newest achievement being turned into charcoal by the aspect of Deathwing. Also new (revealing the developers love for the late 70’s) are disco flares. Ye old ordinary smoke flare is now empowered with the power of disco. What’s next? Are we going to see Barry Gibb soon as an NPC or  Barry Manilow as a target dummy?

Even being a couple members short on last night’s scheduled 25 man we were still able to successfully down a couple bosses on heroic. This was good exercise for the upcoming expansion.

We have a lot of planning to do to get ready to meet our first scheduled Cataclysm raid. Raiders, there are many websites out there to help you prepare. The forum is already well stocked with links giving advice on strategies, gear, professions and much more. George Allen Sr said it well, “Winning is the science of being totally prepared”. So, cinch up the armor, sharpen those swords, get out the Brasso and polish up that staff because Cataclysm is just around the corner. Happy raiding!

Written by Jessielee