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Some of our guildies were at it again; this time Scholomance Challenge Mode Gold. We don’t post many of these but this one was particularly fun.


34th US Overall, 8th US Alliance, New Realm Record: 16:42

Left to right: Finalflame, Ariano, Ranico, Effraeti, Gv


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We did it again…

…this is the technique of U.R. 

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Our will, and the will of our guild is stronger!

Incidentally it’s also over 9000! Second attempt, very well done!

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We 10 stacked it and star shattered the enrage timer, well done!

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The first night Heart of Fear is out… …Vizier dead!

Well done ladies and gents! That is the way to raid! Special thanks to all for coming on a Tuesday night (not our regular raid schedule).

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Twice as nice! Now 4/6 MV, on to Elegon!

The guys & gals put in an amazing effort tonight, got past the gear check of Gaja and made quick werk of Spirit Kings. Keep it up!

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Congrats Aesadonna!

After many weeks of gruelling ICC farming, Aesa finally did it, with the help of a few friends!



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Ranged DPS:
All ranged DPS welcome to apply, including: Shadow Priest, Mage, Warlock, Balance Druid, Hunter, Elemental Shaman

Melee DPS:
No specific openings, but exceptional melee DPS may be considered.

Not recruiting tanks at this time.

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