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U.R. is looking for a few good raiders!

UNCLEURHi everyone, just to let you all know (incase the poster didn’t…) we’re recruiting! We’re especially interested in folks who can play as both DPS and Heals. Moonkins, Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans are especially welcome. If you prefer to only heal, or to only do ranged DPS, that’s okay, too! See the forum for application details & to apply!

We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun from 8 to 11 Eastern. Current progress: 8/14 Heroic.

Hope to see YOU soon!

-UR Council

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Stormstout Brewery Realm Beast

Congratulations to Ariano, Juvenate, Walterpayton, Rekviem, and Zweibella for their realm best time on Stormstout Brewery. Truth be told, we weren’t even trying for it and we still edged out the last group by three seconds. Enjoy your Stormbrewer while it lasts!

We’d also like to give out a congratulations to Juvenate, Walterpayton, Merrek, Rekviem, and Zweibella for finishing up their Gold Challenge Mode achievements this last week. There is still plenty of time before the next expansion, so if you’re interested in trying for them, ask around and get a group together. Several who have completed their runs are ready and willing to devote their time in helping out.

No, it's not Guacomole. There is a difference.

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Immersed In Heroics

Two big achievements tonight for Undying Resolution. First we decided to reward our Garrosh kill with some free heroic loot from Immerseus. I’ve never seen so many puddles in my life.



The second big news is that Scythios didn’t die during the Dark Shaman encounters? Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, so I took a screenshot. My only regret is that I didn’t take a better picture. Oh well, back to college for me.


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nazgrim pls

See! I can be cool too. Old memes are still acceptable, right?

Undying Resolution is making great progress in SoO, with 8/14 down in the first week!

Those two lame shaman and Nazgrim are dead. Maybe next week we can get more than one attempt on Malkorok before his buggy arse platform decides to murder one of our tanks and two DPS.



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Sans Serif is the Best Font

So our regular taker of pictures was not available tonight leaving me, the nameless one, to take them and slap some pretty fonts on them. After an hour of looking for the perfect font for the pictures, I have concluded that I do not have enough fonts.

We would have seven bosses dead, but we only got the Dark Shaman to twenty-something percent before calling it a night. I guess we’ll actually look up to see what they do on Sunday. Geeze, Blizzard, it’s like you’re wanting us to use the Dungeon Journal.

Sha of Pride


Iron Juggernaut

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Heroic Mel’jarak – Shadow Priest = Fun!

A picture is worth a million zorkmids, or so I’ve been told.

Kimoi Bugs

Wind Lord Mel'jarak 10H

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Blade Lord Ta’yak

Maybe if Blade Lord Ta’yak stopped reading his shounen manga for all of five minutes, he would have realized what a grievous error it was to send his lieutenants at us one by one instead of all at once.


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Weekly Update: Flash Fiction Edition

For Sale: Troll corpse, used once.

Z was too.

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Another raid. Another kill.

Good job, team. I would post more about the kill, but I’m too “Lei Shi.”

Admin Note: Remove Zweibella’s posting privilege.


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Tsulong and Thanks for All the Loot

So sad that we gave you the boot. We tried to warn you, but, oh dear. Glad you don’t share our intellect, or else we’d all be derelict, as our healers you’d first consume.

And thus ended Zweibella’s parody career.



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Currently recruiting for Heroic & Mythic raids. Looking for DPS (melee or ranged) and an experienced tank.
Death Knight
Tank, DPS
Demon Hunter
Tank, DPS
tank, DPS
Tank, DPS
Tank, DPS
Tank, DPS

Raid Video Streaming