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Mythic Ursoc is now hibernating 2/7 Mythic

Undying Resolution is now 2/7 Mythic after conquering Ursoc and subjecting him to a deep hibernation all winter.

We have now re-opened recruitment for the first time in Legion. We are looking primarily for ranged DPS but will accept applications from exceptional melee or healer/DPS hybrids.

Mythic ursoc

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10/13 Mythic HFC – Recruitment open for Legion

Undying Resolution is now 10/13 Mythic HFC. We killed Fell Lord Zakuun after only a handful of attempts this week.

We have officially opened DPS spots for Legion. Any ranged DPS class (and an exceptional rogue or warrior) is welcome to apply. We are currently full on healers and  ret paladins. With the expansion coming soon, we are looking for currently active raiders and/or people who are returning to the game who have a strong history of raiding in previous expansions. We are looking to fill our Heroic raiding roster for the beginning of Legion, and also looking for people ready to tackle Mythics a few months into Legion once we are all geared up.


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Tyrant Velhari down! 9/13 Mythic

Velhari down! Congrats on 9/13 Mythic! We are ready for Legion! Lets do this!


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Mythic Gorefiend down! 6/13 Mythic

Undying Resolution took down Mythic Gorefiend today! Congrats on 6/13 Mythic!

Mythic Gorefiend Boss Kill Pic

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5/13 Mythic HFC – We are recruiting!

We took down Kilrogg Deadeye and are now 5/13 Mythic.

We are continuing to work towards further Mythic progression and look forward to Legion coming ‘soon’.


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Two in one week! UR is now 3/13 Mythic

Undying Resolution took down two mythic bosses this week. Both Iron Reaver and Kormrok was no match for our strength. We are now 3/13 Mythic and making good progress on pushing further into mythics.

We are currently recruiting ranged DPS to join our team! All other roles are currently closed.

(Pictures coming “soon”).

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Heroic Archimonde Down!

Undying Resolution has slain Heroic Archimonde and is now 13/13 Heroic. We spent the later half of tonight working on Mythic.

We are currently recruiting a DPS (any class) to come and join our Mythic progression.

Heroic Archimonde

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Demolishing Blackhand

Undying Resolution has slain Heroic Blackhand, smashing into the heart of the Blackrock Foundry. Undying Resolution is now 10/10 Heroic BRF. We will soon be tackling Mythic BRF and looking forward to the next raid dungeon soon to come.

Heroic Blackhand

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Heroic BRF progress

Undying Resolution is now 7/10 Heroic in BRF. We slayed the mighty Kromog this week.

We have re-opened recruitment. We are looking for a healer (particularly monk, shaman, or paladin). We are particularly looking for a healer with previous healing lead experience, but not required. We also re-opened a DPS spot for an exceptional DPS (particularly melee or a shadow priest).


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Heroic Down: Onward to mythic

We have now cleared all of Heroic Highmaul, after slaying the mighty Imperator Mar’gok. We are now 7/7 Heroic and 1/7 Mythic. We are making great progress and look forward to slaying many more mythic bosses in the future! We also have a fresh new look on our front portal page, updated for Warlords glory!


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Currently recruiting for Heroic & Mythic raids. Especially looking for ranged DPS. We also have one healing spot open.
Balance, resto
shadow, disc
elemental, resto
Demon Hunter

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