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Having a Blast

We one-shot Heroic Blast Furnace this week. We’re now 9/10 Heroic BRF.

Heroic Blast Furnace

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Mythic Garrosh Hellscream defeated

Undying Resolution is now 14/14 in Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. Just in time for the new expansion content! We are definitely prepared; armed with Mythic heirloom weapons! We finished off Mythic Paragons and Mythic Garrosh Hellscream with a 20-person raid.

Mythic Garrosh Undying Resolution

Undying Resolution Mythic Paragons

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Lei Shen down 12 of 12

Undying Resolution killed Lei Shen on Mother’s Day. We are now 12/12 in TOT 25-man. With our third night of 25’s, we did all our first kills this tier on 25-man. We are now ready to start heroics!


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Powered by oozes and anima

We got down two new bosses this week. We conquered Primordius and Dark Animus.

We are now 9/12 in our 25-man progress.

Dark Animus 25


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Undying Resolution put Durumu to sleep, and we are now 7/12 TOT!

P. S. In before nerf!


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Down with turtles! We’re now 4/12 on 25-man TOT!

We made quick work of the first four bosses in TOT! We are now 4/12 in one week of 25-man raiding! Congrats everyone!




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Our 25-man is heroic!

Undying Resolution is now 16/16 Normal-modes, and 1/16 Heroic Modes for the tier! We have killed 25-man Heroic Stoneguard and 25-man normal-mode Grand Empress.




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25-man Sha of Fear conquered

With help from the Sha of Kisses, we have conquered the 25-man Sha of Fear encounter, with a full clear of Terrace in one night! We have also downed Amber Shaper in HOF! Congrats everyone! We made some great 25-man progress this week!

Sha of Fear 25



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The stone guards the vaults no more

Undying Resolution killed the Stone Guard on our first night into 25-mans this week. Our 10-man has also killed the first two bosses in Mogu’shan Vaults. Congrats everyone!

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8/8 HM 25-man Dragon Soul – Madness down

Undying Resolution killed heroic Madness this week, making us 8/8 in our 25-man heroic dragon soul progress! We killed all the heroics on 25-man, and now we’re ready for Mists of Pandaria!


Good Bye Dragon Soul, hello Mists of Pandaria!

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We currently have a ranged DPS opening (no other roles are open at this time). Exceptional applicants, with prior raiding experience, may be considered.

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