Applying as a Raider to Undying Resolution? Read within!

Interested in joining Undying Resolution? All the information you need is in here.
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Applying as a Raider to Undying Resolution? Read within!

Postby URCouncil » Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:02 pm

Note: To apply to undying resolution, you must register on our forums. When registering, remember to complete the picture-matching captcha!


We Are:

We are a Semi-hardcore oriented guild that accommodates a lightweight raid schedule. We emphasize having fun while still progressing in our raids. Since we raid on a schedule with reduced time commitments, we understand that people have lives outside the game. We are a group of mostly working adults who play after the day is done and kids are in bed. We cater to mature, relaxed, skilled individuals who value their time and are above drama games and lethargy.

Who You Are:

You are a mature individual that is in it for the long haul. You do not take off every time things get rough and you do put in all the effort you can to assure we get stuff accomplished in a timely manner. You are good at your class, you maintain your gear, you research class mechanics, boss fights, etc. You are probably in your late twenties or older (though others do get in, maturity is key). You display a high level of confidence in your play style. You are geared decently and you have experience raiding. You are not the type to try to argue about things, need to do it all your way, and not develop your abilities. This is a team environment; we work as a team.

Please be advised: The Officers of Undying Resolution may take several days to review your application. Have patience. Further, if you do not follow the application instructions defined herein, your application will not be considered. Please check back regularly to see if we have any questions for you.

We do actively seek out applicants. If you would like to contact us directly, look for Mindalen, Ranico, Zweibel, Lissanna, or Trusker in game. If you are considering transferring from another server, please make an alt on Elune and get in contact with us. Keep in mind when filling out the application that spelling and grammar do count. A well written application says a lot about you as a player.



I. Are you applying as a Raider or just for a social invite?:

II. Character Name, Class, Spec, Race (e.g. Tommy, Warrior, Fury, Human):

You should be able to figure out how to post these links. If you cannot, that will indicate your
resourcefulness and general technological know how.

III. WOW Armory Link to character:

IV. Link your favorite wow information resource:

V. What spec is your character and why did you choose this spec? What do you feel are its strength/
weaknesses in a raid environment? And why do you choose this class? Why did you choose it above
all others? :

Information about you.:

VI. What is your age bracket? (18-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40+)

VII. Our normal raid time is 8:00PM Eastern/Server to 11:00PM Eastern/Server, we raid on various days of the week- please say which days you are able to raid at the aforementioned time. Also, do you have any obligations preventing you from raiding on a specific night? Will you need time off in the foreseeable future?

VIII. Can you follow direction, even if you don't agree it is the best course of action?:

IX. Please list any references, people you know in Undying Resolution, People you've played with, etc.:

X. Please list your raid experience in brief:

XI. Tell us about yourself as a player, such as your strengths, weaknesses and unique characteristics. This
is where you convince us we want you in our guild despite any shortcomings we may find in all the
previous questions.:

XII. We put in maximum effort tweaking our gear so we can give the best possible contribution in the raid.
We spend hours farming enchants, or money for gems, or factions so we have the best possible gear
when it comes raid time. Will you?:

XIII. Are there any other positions you'd like to volunteer or apply for? Raid Leader, loot distribution.
Anything else that you may feel you have a talent in?:

XIV. How did you hear about us? Referral source?

XV. Give us a quote from a memorable person in history that has personal relevance to you.

Please note: This template is subject to change over time as guild requirements change. If you do not feel you are qualified, apply anyway! A well written application goes a long way to making up for less experience, or gear.

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