Sanity Checking Errors

The sanity checker for WRM has determined that your WRM installation may have been compromised.

Listed below are errors that were found in the WRM installation. Standard attacks include things like
adding 'include' or 'require' lines to external sources in continually run code areas like the config.php
file. The sanity checker has determined that there are one or more problems with your installation.


The first step is to go through the information printed below and fix any problems you see. If it is listed
by the sanity checker it SHOULD NOT BE THERE and should be removed. Any questions with fixing the content
identified below should be directed to

However, this is only the first step. Somewhere along the line your installation got hacked. It is imperitive
that you determine (or work with us in determining) why your files are bad. Start with the system you
downloaded the installation package to and check it for viruses and malware to ensure it is clean.
Next check your webserver/ISP/Host for problems and probably change both your database and website passwords
to be safe. Work with your Hosting Provider to see if there has been any unauthorized access to your account
and make sure to report the problem on in the support forum.


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