Butchering Maidens

We had a great raid week this last week. We took down both Heroic Maidens in BRF and Mythic Butcher in Highmaul. This brings us to 3/7 Mythic in HM and 8/10 Heroic in BRF, and 2nd on the server group for Wow Progress rankings!

Mythic Butcher Kill picture

Heroic Iron Maidens

A Brief Interlude

Blackrock Foundry is awesome, but nothing beats the dulcet tones of ogres screaming in agony as we raid their kitchens late into the evening. The hardest part about this boss was figuring out how I wanted to label it.


Heroic BRF progress

Undying Resolution is now 7/10 Heroic in BRF. We slayed the mighty Kromog this week.

We have re-opened recruitment. We are looking for a healer (particularly monk, shaman, or paladin). We are particularly looking for a healer with previous healing lead experience, but not required. We also re-opened a DPS spot for an exceptional DPS (particularly melee or a shadow priest).


Pains, Trains, and Wonderful Feels

Two more dead bosses in the old foundry. One of them ate a bunch of ore and decided to die in a stupid spot. The other guy had an unhealthy obsession with trains. Regardless of their hobbies, Thogar is the best boss in this expansion.



Heroic Progress in the Foundry

Someone ought to tell Ka’graz that shaman can’t use swords. Alas! It’s been a while since our last update but we’re making steady progress in BRF as we stand at 4/10. Reports say there are other pictures out there, but I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.


Heroic Down: Onward to mythic

We have now cleared all of Heroic Highmaul, after slaying the mighty Imperator Mar’gok. We are now 7/7 Heroic and 1/7 Mythic. We are making great progress and look forward to slaying many more mythic bosses in the future! We also have a fresh new look on our front portal page, updated for Warlords glory!


Mythic progression begins!

Undying Resolution is now 1/7 Mythic and 6/7 Heroic! Now that the holidays are over, we are making good progress towards finishing our heroic progression and beginning our Mythic progression.

Due to Lissanna’s traveling, pictures of our last two boss kills are coming soon!

Happy Holiday Progression!

Undying Resolution is now 5/7 Heroic and 7/7 Normal going into the Winter Veil Holidays! We made good use of our final raid before Christmas. Great job everyone! We are still recruiting new members to join our ranks.

Heroic Twins

Heroic Twins

Heroic Tectus

Heroic Tectus

Heroic Brackenspore

Heroic Brackenspore


Heroic Butcher


Normal Imperator Mar'gok

Normal Imperator Mar’gok

New Highmaul Raid Progression

Undying Resolution has started our Warlords of Draenor raiding. We have been farming up gear in the normal mode dungeon. In addition, we killed the first heroic boss in Highmaul. We are excited to be back conquering new content! We had a great start to our heroic progression and look forward to conquering many new bosses together.


Mythic Garrosh Hellscream defeated

Undying Resolution is now 14/14 in Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. Just in time for the new expansion content! We are definitely prepared; armed with Mythic heirloom weapons! We finished off Mythic Paragons and Mythic Garrosh Hellscream with a 20-person raid.

Mythic Garrosh Undying Resolution

Undying Resolution Mythic Paragons

We currently have a ranged DPS and a rogue opening (see below classes) for starting Mythic raids. Exceptional applicants, with prior raiding experience, may be considered.

Raid Video Streaming