Stormstout Brewery Realm Beast

Congratulations to Ariano, Juvenate, Walterpayton, Rekviem, and Zweibella for their realm best time on Stormstout Brewery. Truth be told, we weren’t even trying for it and we still edged out the last group by three seconds. Enjoy your Stormbrewer while it lasts!

We’d also like to give out a congratulations to Juvenate, Walterpayton, Merrek, Rekviem, and Zweibella for finishing up their Gold Challenge Mode achievements this last week. There is still plenty of time before the next expansion, so if you’re interested in trying for them, ask around and get a group together. Several who have completed their runs are ready and willing to devote their time in helping out.

No, it's not Guacomole. There is a difference.

Trick or treat!

We are now 2/14 heroic in SoO. We took down Protectors on the night before halloween. During the rest of the clear on Thursday, we raided with a spooky halloween EPGP setting. Did the bosses give you tricks or treats?



Immersed In Heroics

Two big achievements tonight for Undying Resolution. First we decided to reward our Garrosh kill with some free heroic loot from Immerseus. I’ve never seen so many puddles in my life.



The second big news is that Scythios didn’t die during the Dark Shaman encounters? Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, so I took a screenshot. My only regret is that I didn’t take a better picture. Oh well, back to college for me.


One more to go!

Undying Resolution is now 13/14 in SoO! We took out the Paragons of the Kalaxxi. We are knocking on Garrosh’s door. He will soon pay for his crimes against the Alliance and the Pandaren!


A dinosaur in the Orgrimmar petting zoo? Not anymore!

Undying Resolution is now 12/14 Normal in SoO!

It seems as though Garrosh thought a petting zoo was a good idea to build under Orgrimmar. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of putting a giant dinosaur in said petting zoo. This mistake has been corrected, and Thok the Bloodthirsty has been neutralized.

Then, we took care of that pesky sawblades from Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Garrosh, we’re coming for you!